If you are here because some of our IPs showed up in your mailserver logs, the following text aims to address your questions and concerns.

We can assure you of the following:

I. Our process.

We are running an email validity checking process for research purposes.

This consists of connecting to the remote SMTP server and asking it (RCPT TO) if one or several recipients are considered an acceptable destination.

The queried recipients will be one of the following:
The interaction with the remote server is meant to be minimal, we simply:

In case of a failure, we may retry the process from different IPs.

We do not send any email.

II. What do your logs show?

The above description of the use case will be corroborated by the logs, where it will show that our machine[s]:

There is nothing in our activity that could, upon an exhaustive technical analysis, be mistaken for:

III. Summing up.

For the above reasons, we consider that our activity does not represent abuse.

We trust this is sufficient to address your concerns.

IV. Possible actions on our part.

On request, we can exclude your systems from any future project.

Please just let us know what @domain(s) or IP(s) you want exempted by writing to our abuse@ email address, or use the contact form below.

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Contact form

We usually process requests within 24 hours.

If you fill in your email, we will send you an acknowledgement when the request has been processed.

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